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Here's a overview of our services. Please consult the french version for full details.

Arbres et Arbustes was founded more than ten years ago by the current owner. Our main priority is to provide professional and courteous customer service.

We are a small company of up to 5 employees in the strong season; this is why we have managed to maintain a more personal approach with our clients. We can work anywhere in Laval and on the North-Shore, from Deux-Montagnes to Terrebonne-Ouest.

We look forward to meeting you.


No tree can stand in our way. No matter their location, we can cut down your trees safely by using the adequate techniques. Whether it's for a small tree or a larger one, requiring the use of an aerial device or crane, we will employ the appropriate means to suit your particular situation.


Lack of sunlight in the yard, dead wood, dangerous branches, new garage, clearing structures; the reasons for pruning a tree are as varied as they are personal. No matter what needs to be done, we can guide you and do the necessary work. Specialized at recognizing a tree's mechanical weaknesses, its illnesses and various other problems, we will do what's best for your trees.


It is recommended to trim your hedges at least once a year, after the spring growth period, since this allows you to maintain an aesthetically pleasing screen while also limiting their height and width. We have the necessary equipment to trim everything from a young hedge to a more mature one, up to 6 metres (20 feet) high. We can also reduce the height of larger hedges, preferably in the spring, to a maximum of 1/3 their original height, as long as their original condition allows it.


A mixture of granular fertilizer and mycorrhiza, properly dosed according to the tree's size, will improve its luster as well as its resistance to illness and insects. A treatment consisting of injecting a liquid mixture into the ground may also be available.


Whether it's for a recently removed tree or old stumps in your yard, we have the necessary equipment to remove any stump from any location, provided there are 80 cm (32 in.) of clearance in order to gain access to the site. Even if there are steps or a sloped yard, we can grind your stump to a depth of 15 to 50 centimetres (6 to 20 in.) according to your needs.
It is very important that we be advised of any underground obstacles in order to avoid unfortunate breakage. Clients are often unaware of the exact location of the sprinkler lines. Therefore, we always have on hand some extra tubing in order to repair, at a lesser cost, any involuntary breakages.


Whether it's to dispose of a pile of old branches or to remove what you've cut yourself, we offer a rapid service in order to clear your yard quickly. We're only a phone-call away.


Whether it's for potted or balled tree, from one to 6 metres tall, or even for a cedar or deciduous hedge, we offer a turnkey planting service. Everything is included: soil, mulch, stakes, fertilizer, mychorrhiza, delivery, pruning and a one-year guarantee. We will go ourselves to the nursery in order to select the best specimens.


Whether it's to secure weak branches or to repair a break, when possible, we can install flexible guys made of steel cables or woven polyester cables (Cobra technique) as well as rigid guys for any diameter tree. Every guy installation is done according to the standards enumerated by the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (B.N.Q.)

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